Strawberry Pot: Planter Ideas

Hanging strawberry pot

Strawberry Pot Ideas:

A strawberry pot is a great choice for small spaces and busy people. These planters do not limit you to strawberries or hens and chicks. I use one for a herb planter, putting trailing herbs such as oregano and thyme into the lowest pockets, and tall-growing plants like rosemary, basil, and sage into the top.

A strawberry pot can be a challenge to water. If you Water the top and pockets you will not get water into the center and lower portion of the pot and the water will run out the pockets starving your plants for water and stunting of growth for your plants. Regular watering and an occasional pinching off of spent blooms is all the maintenance a strawberry planter garden requires.

Want to enjoy fresh aromas all summer long try?

  1. Heliotrope, alyssum, lemon verbena.
  2.  Brighten a shady spot with a color composition in blue and white. The cool colors of lobelia and browallia shine even more brightly when paired together with the white of the impatiens.
  3. Or try some Sedum which is one of the plant world’s most intriguing families. Sedum plants range in colors from reds, bronzes, and greens. They also have a verity of leaf types, and since they are accustomed to growing in cracks and crevices. Sedum requires relatively little space making them perfect for a container planting.
  4. Finally, Spice up your cooking with a one-stop herb shop. A strawberry jar garden can feature many herbs like:sage, thyme, parsley, basil, mint, oregano, and rosemary. The range of spices ensures you’ll have options for savory dishes and refreshing desserts and beverages. The Herb Garden: Small garden big flavor!

DIY- How to plant a strawberry pot

Step 1: Choosing your plants

I chose herbs for my planter. The pot will set outside my kitchen door where I can easily get herbs for summer cooking. Herbs need the full sun. Keep this in mind when you are planning your pot.
Remember, the skies the limit! Do not limit yourself to strawberries, hens and chicks. You can put any trailing plant can be put into the pockets of a strawberry pot: begonias, violas and pansies, and petunias are plants I have used in strawberry pots.

Step 2: Begin filling and planting

First, fill container with potting mix until it fills the lowest openings. Carefully place plants into the lowest pockets, then pack potting mix firmly around the roots. Then generously water. Next, continue filling container with potting mix next higher openings; plant these the same way as above. Then you will need to repeat this process, working upward, until all of the openings are filled.

Finally, Plant the top of the pot as you would a standard pot, bury individual cell from plastic cell pack in center of top opening. Only bury it to the rim. This will help get water into the center and lower part of the pot. When you water make sure to fill the cell at least twice whenever you water. Holes in the bottom of the cell will allow water to trickle into the soil. The growing plants will cover and hide the cell within a few weeks.

Finished and beautiful! Remember to continually trim basil and other herbs so they don’t flower and bush out nicely. Also, turn the pot every few days to provide plants with equal exposure to the sun.

Terracotta Strawberry Pot Container Garden

Terracotta Strawberry Pot Container Garden

Regular watering and an occasional pinching off of spent blooms is all the maintenance a terracotta strawberry pot garden garden requires. so if you want to enjoy fresh aromas all summer long try: Heliotrope, alyssum, lemon verbena.Brighten a shady spot with a color...

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