Yarn Bowl- Pretty & Practical


Pretty & Practical Yarn Bowl

Sometimes called a knitting bowl, a yarn bowl is a perfect solution for that roll around the room ball of yarn. My beautiful handmade ceramic yarn bowl has cut-outs to feed the yarn while you knit.

yarn bowl for knitting and crochet

I love knitting but what I don’t like is when my ball of yarn rolls away form me. Here is the solution! Just drop your ball into the pottery yarn bowl, string the yarn through the slit and you are ready to go. No more yarn rolling away, it also keeps kitties from playing with the yarn. The bowl is glossy and smooth so the ball will roll around and won’t get stuck or snagged inside. These bowls have an extra heart cutout on the opposite side so that you can do two color knitting for your projects.

A ceramic handmade knitting bowl makes a unique and thoughtful gift for a knitter! If you are purchasing this item to be sent directly as a gift, I would be happy to include a gift card. Please be sure to let me know the wording of your message when you place your order.


Please note that due to the handmade process, there may be slight variations from the yarn bowl pictured, although they are very similar. We do our very best to create a consistent product. I have had past customers from my outdoor art shows come back and tell me that they love their yarn bowl!

10 Reasons to use a Summer Hollow Pottery yarn bowl:

Using this bowl makes your knitting or crochet project easier and more fun! But here are Ten more reasons why my yarn bowl,  should be the choice for you:

  1.  Easy to use, simply put your ball of yarn into the bowl, pull your yarn through the slit-and knit! The second hole is for a second and third ball of yarn, if desired.
  2.  I am careful to make sure the channel is very smooth & won’t snag your yarn.
  3.  The bowl is made deliberately heavy to help prevent tipping bowl mishaps.
  4.  Each hand made bowl has a wide stable base which helps prevent rolling bowls.
  5. My yarn bowl is generous in size, measuring 6 ½” across the top, and 4” tall. Deep roomy bowl holds a ball of yarn with ease. The bowls have high walls to prevent the balls of yarn from popping out.
  6. The bowl has a heart channel design, making it easy to remove your yarn if you want to take your project to go.
  7.  Each bowl is made for long lasting durability. No extra cuts or designs are carved into my yarn bowls in order to keep them strong and more resistant to breaking.
  8.  Each bowl comes in several artistic color choices.
  9. Although the designs and styles may be similar, each yarn bowl is individually made. This means your bowl is a unique, one of a kind, handmade, work of art made in the USA.
  10.  And lastly, you will love it – guaranteed! Or your money back!

My Current collection of yarn bowls:

Wendy has been a potter for over 25 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and  her Master of Fine Arts at WVU, she decided to stay in West Virginia. Wendy is a Tamarack, Best of West Virginia craftsman, she has had her work features in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Gourmet Magazine.