“Shapely Woman” pottery candlesticks

“Shapely Woman” Pottery Candlesticks

A handmade Pottery Candlesticks are in the shape of a woman. She is fun, unique, and playful! Can be used as a candlestick, symbolizing a woman bringing light into the world, or as a bud vase.
An original design created by Wendy Summers on the potter’s wheel of glazed terracotta clay,35.00.

three lady pottery candlesticks

three lady pottery candlesticks

I love to make these pottery candlesticks. They are challenging and lots of fun to shape. I started making them more than 18 years ago. They started out shapely but stiff. Overtime they have developed into more unique, individual personalities with attitude!

If the top edge gets uneven I simply go with it. Why? Because I think it adds to the quirkiness of the candlestick’s personality…much like most, if not all of the wonderful ladies I know! I also emphasize a woman’s shape…not the stickly, emaciated ladies glorified by the media, but real women in real life, full of curves and with attitude!

Life’s Influences

I found it interesting that every time I was pregnant my ladies would go from ‘tallish’ (I am fairly tall) to more round(definitely in the state of pregnancy!) . This was purely an unconscious adjustment, and one that I did not ‘see’ until I looked back on my created work over time, and one that I now find hysterical! I now wonder what kind of unconscious adjustments will occur when I am an older woman…time will tell!

When I am finalizing the shape and adding details like ‘arms’, I manipulate the clay to give my ladies a ‘pose’, shifting ‘hips’ and ‘legs’ to “strike a pose” and further bring out her personality! No two candlesticks will ever be alike! Each is as individual as all women naturally are, celebrating life, joy, and uniqueness!