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Summer Hollow Pottery Blog page is dedicated to any and all general blog questions about ceramics including: how to make earthenware; how to use pottery; tips and recipes ideas; I also include interesting historical information and tidbits; and general pottery musings.  I write this pottery blog for everyday people. If you have a ceramic related question use the contact page to email me. I would love to hear from you!

Summer Hollow Pottery Blog: three lady candlesticks

three lady candlesticks

Strawberry Pot: Planter Ideas

Strawberry Pot Ideas: A strawberry pot is a great choice for small spaces and busy people. These planters do not limit you to strawberries or hens and chicks. I use one for a herb planter, putting trailing herbs such as oregano and thyme into the lowest...

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Terracotta Strawberry Pot Container Garden

Regular watering and an occasional pinching off of spent blooms is all the maintenance a terracotta strawberry pot garden garden requires. so if you want to enjoy fresh aromas all summer long try: Heliotrope, alyssum, lemon verbena.Brighten a shady spot with a color...

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