Ceramic Flower Pots & Planters

Ceramic Flower Pots & Planters–Garden pots, made with pride in West Virginia!

Choose from Summer Hollow Pottery’s selection of non-toxic, lead-free ceramic flower pots & planters for a beautiful botanical display, inside your home or out! Houseplants beautify any home and purify the air; add visual interest to rooms by growing a plant in one of our handcrafted flower pots, available in our classic style. Celebrate spring and remedy sick building syndrome or sick house syndrome with houseplants grown organically in our handmade, non-toxic ceramic flower pots.

  1. Colorfully glazed upper rim provides a beautiful compliment to flowers and foliage.
  2. Un-glazed interior and outer bottom allows air to circulate and wicks moisture, providing roots an ideal environment in which to thrive.
  3. Drainage holes eliminate excess water and drainage is contained within lower lip. While the porous nature of the clay is awesome for plants, it’s not so good for furniture! So, if you want to use these for indoor plants make sure to put them in a clear drainage tray to protect surfaces.
  4. Hanging planters include sturdy powder coated metal chain and hook.