Large Lavender Strawberry Planter

Ceramic handmade Strawberry Pot with lavender.

Glazed terracotta strawberry planter

Large glazed terracotta planter with hand painted lavender plants grace the lower portion of this thrown pottery strawberry pot. Perfect for trailing flowers, herbs, and of course strawberries.
Sorry this set was sold. Email me to place a special order.

Strawberry planters are a great for small spaces and busy people. You are not limited to strawberries or hens and chicks. I use one for a herb planter, putting trailing herbs such as oregano and thyme into the lowest pockets, and tall-growing plants like rosemary, basil, and sage into the top.

Strawberry planters are a challenge to water. If you water the top and pockets you will not get water into the center and lower portion of the pot and the water will run out the pockets. This will cause your plants to be starved for water and stunt of growth for your plants.

Wendy has been a potter for over 25 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and  her Master of Fine Arts at WVU, she decided to stay in West Virginia. Wendy is a Tamarack, Best of West Virginia craftsman, she has had her work features in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Gourmet Magazine.