Kitchen Sponge Holder

by | Feb 13, 2016 | Everyday Pots |

kitchen sink sponge holder is useful and practical!

Sponge holder for your kitchen sink- These are in the drying process. All pottery must completely dry prior to putting into kiln, or else it will explode when it heats up!

Kitchen Sponge Holder

So why use a ceramic kitchen sponge holder? Your sponge dries much faster which inhibits the growth of ‘the smellies’! My sponge holder for the kitchen sink is pretty and makes your sink neater! I put air holes around the bottom portion of the kitchen sink sponge holder and make it room so you can hide your SOS pad in the bottom! These sink sponge holders measure 3.5 x 3.5 so they are compact taking up little precious space.

ceramic kitchen sponge holder for the kitchen sink.

These sponge holders are in the drying part of the pottery process.


Wendy has been a potter for over 25 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and  her Master of Fine Arts at WVU, she decided to stay in West Virginia. Wendy is a Tamarack, Best of West Virginia craftsman, she has had her work features in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Gourmet Magazine.