Video series- Throwing a Strawberry Planter Jar

Video series Throwing a Strawberry Planter Jar

DIY Strawberry pocket planter is a video series I made after receiving many requests from customers to put up more videos of the pottery process. I must confess, watching a potter at work has ALWAYS fascinated me! Even after 25 years I still LOVE to watch this amazing process and will pay to go to a conference to watch potters at work! Watching a lump of clay ‘magically’ turn into something that is usable is wondrous and incredible.

Pottery tools ready to make a strawberry pocket planter!

Pottery tools and equipment.

Tools needed:

To create a strawberry I use various tools. In the photo you will notice a bucket of water, and behind the bucket is her pottery wheel. There are two ‘disc’ like items on the right side of the photo. These are ‘bats’, as you will see in the video they are movable wheel tops that allow me to throw a section then pick it up and set it aside. This is important for potters because the clay is really soft and larger work is too easily distorted when moved. The two cone like items are the clay. They have been ‘wedged’ and are ready to throw. One is around 10 pounds and will become the bottom section. The other is about 3 pounds and will become the top portion of the jar. There are also a sponge, cut-off wire, and a red and yellow ‘rib’ used for shaping. Watch all this in action in the video…Enjoy!

Throwing clay


DIY Strawberry Pocket Planter Video – Part 1

In part one, I take the first ‘lump’ of clay and ‘throw’ the bottom section of the jar.



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